Apprehension Jungle

Apprehension Jungle

Worried supportless people of Apprehension Jungle, entrapped in an apprehensive event, narrate today and yesterday’s conditions of the residents of the Middle East. After WWII until today the Middle East has almost had no calm period and it is pregnant every moment with events that happen to it regardless of the relationships and circumstances of its residents. It makes no difference where in this region you belong. Whether you are Iraqi or Syrian, Egyptian or Palestinian, Lebanese or Iranian, wherever you are you cannot escape from apprehension caused by a disturbed situation and a vague future. The fear and fright that awaits you before birth gradually penetrates every single part of you and accompanies you to the end.

Anytime I stopped, it was standing right by my side.
It was already there, even before I arrived.

“And at the appalling dark
There is no sound save its
Apprehension is the conqueror, everything else conquered.”1

Anywhere I stopped, without looking back;
At what keeps me chained to the past or distressed from the future.
At what I’m escaping from and what I find refuge in.

“Was it due time, we ask
And the Apprehension Jungle is still there
At night we fear, and at the day we fear.”2

“Apprehension” is standing.
As you behold it, it stares at you.
As you stop, it stands right beside you.

1. Kar e Shabpa / Nima Yushij
2. Hengam / Mehdi Akhavan Sales

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Within the Spectrum of a Gaze: Tooraj Khamenehzadeh’s Inspired Tableaux Vivants by Natasha Chuk


Apprehension Jungle, Iran, 2013-14 © Tooraj Khamenehzadeh

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